This is a collection of designs we have placed on various garments for you to buy for your own personal expressions. Each one of our designs are placed on 100% cotton fabrics and are guaranteed to last through wash after wash without fading. We feel that people with challenges in life are being overlooked and they need personal outlets to let their voices be heard through visual aids.

This website was created with the help of a team of caring individuals from all over the world. We have all been brought together to build and promote This is our online space whose purpose is to spread positivity and inspiration to people with disabilities. And, a place where we can show our support for our military and first responders. This is done through the sale of shirts, graphic tees and t shirts that inspire and put smiles on the faces of people who see what can be created when passion and purpose are brought together. We’ll take your design, or we can create a unique logo or thought-provoking slogan for you to put on cups, caps and water bottles. If you want something done for work or a family reunion or a fun event, let us be your creative resource to help get your ideas across. And by the way, we make it so that our designs also look great on jackets, pants, bags and kid’s clothing!

Get noticed and help spread good vibes and positivity where ever you go with designs. We’ll get your positive ideas out there for the world to see so that you can put a smile on someone’s face. Get your shirts, graphic tees and t shirts outfitted with something that will motivate and inspire people.

We will be updating new and fresh designs weekly so don’t forget to come back regularly and check us out.

About Us

We are currently based out of Detroit, MI a city that has taken a beaten in the national media, but it truly is a great place to live in. One of the best things about Michigan is the presence of the four seasons. We have wonderful summers and falls, but the springs and winters are a toss up on how the weather is going to cooperate with your plans. One thing that helps out in the winter is Global Warming the winters have somewhat disappeared, but spring is a horse of another kind there is always lot’s of rain and flooding. This city has truly became a great place to live with all of the restoration throughout every corner. From casinos, ballparks, and restaurants Detroit is coming alive in every aspect.

Founder and Co- Founder

David Johnson is the founder of this site since he has the most experience from being disabled since 1993 from a gunshot wound during a carjacking. David has collaborated with a fabulous designer Ripon Hussain who resides in Bangladesh. He is a world away from me but we are very close. I like to call him my brother from another mother.


We have a very impressive team that helps put these sites into motion. From our three fabulous virtual assistants that handle a variety of tasks related to our everyday business functions. Two community coordinators who handle our Facebook and other social media outlets, and finally our production manager who oversees the entire team to ensure a smooth running operation.


We strive to put an emphasis on the advancement of people who have challenges to deal with in life.


We developed this site as a follow-up from our website which has been operating for the past 2 years. This site provides a meeting place for anyone who has a disability. You can find friends, companions, or even a loved one. The best part is it’s totally free of charge.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us for any reason, or if you don’t see something on the site that you desire we can do special order prints from cups, caps, water bottles, family reunion shirts, job attire, and much much more. Contact us at

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